Bing needle notch adjustment



-70cc K-Star

-~15.6mm Bing

-15mm intake

-Proma GP

-72 jet

Did a plug chop today with this setup (NGK B7HS), and it's running a little lean as seen in this picture:

About half the plug is brown.

Would adjusting the needle to a richer setting (hanging higher) result in a richer plug chop? Probably a dumb question, but just want to make sure because I can't find my 74 jet. 76 jet is too rich.

Re: Bing needle notch adjustment

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What is the timing 16 degrees btds? Your timed correctly right?

What is the head temps ?

You are running a trail tech head temp gauge right?

Plug really is not accurate on a auto clutch moped.

You are showing a all around plug reading (idle, midrange ,top end) not a correct WOT hit the kill switch and pull in the manual clutch stopping the engine from turning/throwing gas on the plug-plug reading like on a motorcycle

Tune your bike so it runs good but can hold under 400 degrees head temps @ WOT for 5 minutes at least or forever. Timing before jetting.

Your engine could run with perfect power and seize if timing is high and you don't have a head temp gauge. I don't even take a new kitted bike around the block with out timing it low and running a gauge nowadays

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