Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help

I have another tread about rebuilding the case of my Tomos A55 St kickstart at the moment. a55 case rebuild help

I am about to order all my parts in the end week and just wanted people wiser then me to make sure I am not screwing something up or leaving something out.

Airsal 70cc Kit. Cylinder piston Hi-comp head

Tecnigas Next pipe

Could I get some recommendations for a carb/intake for my bike? Preferably from treats. It didnt come with a carb/intake so I might as well get something that will fit the pipe and kit.

Re: Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help your bike has the 17.5 PHva dellorto on it right? If so that's fine to start with for now just get a filter the K&N are really nice. Also get a few different sheets of gasket paper, at different thickness. When you rebuild the bike you want the crown of the piston ( the edge ) to be flush with the floor of the exhaust port, that's what the different base gaskets are for. Any thing over 1.5mm in gasket thickness is to much for a gasket. Even 1.5 is pushing it but any thing over that and you need to make a metal shim. If the floor of the port is higher than the piston that's ok just not ideal, but if the piston rings don't clear the port at BDC you could have problems. You gotta get those rings out of the port. I would get a few more head gaskets also more than one gasket set is some thing you want when doing a rebuild. You need bigger jets also so you can tune and a handfull of spark plugs to do plug chopes. Go up one number in what ever plugs the bike runs. As the number go up the heat range of the plug goes down. Are you haveing some one build this for you also or are you doing it? If some one else builds it you are still gonna have to tune cause you need to do a break in on the kit and bearings. So you can't tune your main jet till you have gone through enough break in to get to WOT.

Re: Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help

Search the wiki on here for a break in guid and if some one else build the bike make sure they are just gonna throw the engine together and then rip at WOT all at once just so they can tune the carb.

Re: Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help Oh and get this to help you tune and make sure you keep the heat down. Stay under 400° F

Re: Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help

Thanks for the info guys...

I said in my first post that it didnt come with an intake/carb. I know what the stock setup is. But I dont have that. So I might as well buy something better then stock since I have to anyways.

I was planning on getting the VAPOR trail tech. Might as well keep track of everything.

Ive also read all about a breaking in bikes. I am currently breaking in an a35 build. But I have a A55 sitting around so I figured might as well do it up! (edited)

Re: Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help

i'd go with either of these two:

weak-ends has the only intake for a55, if not you'll have to make one yourself or use the stock one.

i have the airsal 70cc on my a55 with stock 14mm phva, it rips.

Re: Tomos a55 Kickstart topend rebuild help

you can use a stock puch exhaust header as a nearly free 19mm intake with very very little modification.

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