15 mm phbg on a mild hobbit

Anybody try thiis? Especially in line . Curious... My stocko shocko is going to be fine with the stock keihin but I wonder if anyone has done some kind of mini mallosi kit adaptations. Thoughts on an intake that didn't involve all sorts of bad connections?

Re: 15 mm phbg on a mild hobbit

I am imagining an in line substitute for a stock keihin. Something smaller than a 21 mm phbg for mild and stock cylinders. I sure wish weak ends or mlm made some kind of small straight intake a la mallosi 21 mm for a hobbit. Wouldn't a fully tuneable small carb rock. That damm throttle cable route really wants that keihin but I would consider a route from above if we could get mild performance without the hidden carb passages etc of a keihin that is quite obsolete. I am sure my "obsolete" will engender outcries.

Re: 15 mm phbg on a mild hobbit

Go for it! Hack n weld or use one those VIP intakes, if you wanna cut out the airbox..

I have seen it done with good results

Only big problem is the throttle cable, jammed down in there, use the malossi top or get some reallllly tall shocks

Re: 15 mm phbg on a mild hobbit

See I have the mallosi 21 mm kit on my other hobbit and I want to do this but smaller. Do you know of a small diameter intake that can be modded? Sure I can grab a 21 mm mallosi but I think that's going to corrupt th output of a way smaller 15 mm carb. I am looking for an intake diameter that matches a smaller diameter carb.

Re: 15 mm phbg on a mild hobbit

Emil Kniemel /

i think if you use the stock intake, you can bolt the av7 intake to the end and mount something maybe?

Re: 15 mm phbg on a mild hobbit

My keihin is indeed working. With the stocko shocko which I actually had a machist make square and set the squish pretty perfect I don't bog with 88 main jet and I just bought a 92 and even a 100 to try to get a wt plug and down jet from there . It's running pretty hot at high rpms the midrange is kinda limited in its tuning potential without replaceable needles etc. I can see getting all throttle settings tuned on a keihin as practically requiring a miracle.

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