Re: nu50 olympia clutch

David Cox /

I have an update, after ordering the adj. clutch i tinkered with the nu50 $30 unit some more to get more stall. i succeeded when i cut about a half inch off the trailing end of the shoe all the way thru, plus i had already drilled it out to remove weight as seen in pics. it stalled so high that i had to put looser 1k springs instead of the 2k to get it where i wanted. all this is in conjuction with fiddling with variator weights to to get the entire pass the way it needs to be, (variator is about 39 grams with 6 rollers and a 2k red rear torque spring). so it looks like i wasted my money on the clutch since this mod exceeded my goals of extreme stall speed. cant believe noone else has tried this that i have read, but it is fairly simple. photos below.

clutch 1.JPG

clutch 2.JPG

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