Speed o meter what's best digital

So I installed Ebr forks and removed my speedometer. Went to Walmart and bought the wireless speedometer and it didnt even work at all.

What's a wireless brand that some of you have tried that actually works?

Re: Speed o meter what's best digital

You probably didnt' set it up right. Go to your local bike shop, buy one there. Then pay them to set it up for you. Heck, they might even do it for free.

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some of the wireless speedometers transmit in analog signal. the ignition on the bike can really mess it up. I tried the same thing and my stopped speed displayed as anywhere between 90 and 300 mph. 10mph ~ 900mph and over that it would just have a blank screen. get a digital one and it should work.

Re: Speed o meter what's best digital

Get a wired one. People have trouble with the wireless ones on mopeds.

Re: Speed o meter what's best digital

my maxi came with a "bicycle store" style speedo on it - that had a wire running down the fork - and has a magnetic pickup attached to a spoke.

battery was dead -

but previous owner said it worked great.

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trailtech my cdi interferes with the tach tho even unpluged it reads like 1200rpm when im riding its 40,000rpm hahaha the warning lights go off too lol anyone else had this prob trail tech says my mag is creating to much noise? speedo/temp and history work great tho!

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6 dollar walmart schwinn wired speedo works perfectly

Re: Speed o meter what's best digital

yea the wired ones use less battery and are cheap and work fine

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I'm a big fan of the Sigma Sport BC 1609. A couple of my friends with Honda CBRs say its more accurate than their factory speedo.

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litearally any worthwhile ciclocomputer (that's what we call em' at the bike shop) will allow you to input a rollout measurement (effective circumference of inflated front tire) and as a result, are incredibly accurate. if you change front tire and/or wheel size, you can easily recalibrate the speedo to suit.

a few are even available with backlights, ya' know, for nightpedding! I've also seen one with an altimeter function. mebbe some cool data for altitude/carb setup?

Re: Speed o meter what's best digital

I really like this one.


Its solar with battery back up and a red backlight that looks cool.

Plus its like 9 dollars shipped.

Does top speed and all that shit.

Its not wireless but the wire is real skinny so its no big deal.

If you program it right its just as accurate as a GPS.

I calibrated mine with a GPS. I tried using the formula they provided where you use the wheel size but it kept giving me speeds slower than the GPS read.

I fine tuned the "wheel size" and now it agrees with the GPS all day everyday.

Plus the solar power makes it so you don't have to worry about batteries all the time.

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