Puch 14mm intake drilling

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My trusty Korado engined maxi ended up sitting for a long time after the crank locked up on me, and I ended up pulling the fancy 17mm bing and intake off it to run on my frankenmoby. Now I'm putting things back together, and I plan to drill out a 12mm bing intake to 17, and likewise with the carb. Question is, I don't want to make a dumkov mistake and split the intake since it's soft metal (same with the carb). Would a drill press be in order, or is it even feasible to bodge this with a hand drill? Any particular bit that will cut cleanly rather than dig in and torque-split the metal?

Re: Puch 14mm intake drilling

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Korado square bing is a 14 mm inside though it says bing17

The intake is 14 mm inside too

By hand you will destroy it

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Oh, clarification. I wasn't running the stock korado carb, I had one off a sears allstate (puch allstate, whatever) scooter. That one is definitely 17mm. The intake I was running it through was a magnum-x curved intake. Probably had a 15mm inner diameter, maybe even 14 at the bend, but it seriously ripped once you got into the pipe's powerband. And amusingly, the harder you pushed it, the colder the intake manifold got. After a hard ride, it'd have a a layer of icy condensation on the outside.

And it's a 12mm carb and intake I want to drill out, not 14. That's a typo in the title, derp.

Re: Puch 14mm intake drilling

Use a dremel.

Re: Puch 14mm intake drilling

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3362 posts and you think you can drill a 12mm bing out to 17 without problems?

i hope i am wrong, but i remember when i was a weee little boy i read that you couldnt go bigger than 15.3mm or some thing like that. or was is 16.3?

9/16 bit is 14.3mm. . .

this dude went to 20mm on the engine side. . . and 17mm intake side, but later he says 16mm side to side so the slide doesnt leak, but then he says the slide leaks. anyway. good luck. let us know.


Re: Puch 14mm intake drilling

Yeah . Just measure the slide . It's not very big . No more then that for sure .

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