Tomos Pipe

Trent Stakelin /

I have bi turbo pipe on my targa

i bought the bike with bi turbo on it

my question is? i have had this bike for almost a year now

i think the pipe may be old worn out i lost my baffel already.

so i was wondering should just buy a new one.

Re: Tomos Pipe


that's a silly question.

the biturbo's a pretty great cheap simple pipe for the tomos.

it's not going to "wear out" especially not in a year, sometimes they'll get sortof clogged over thousands of miles but they shouldnt really wear out...

if the baffle fell off you could probably tack weld or rivet it back on cheaper than replacement. but a new one's cheap and clean so sure go for it. i'd get the same model, that should ensure you dont have to re tune the carb.

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