er2 weight size

i just got ahold of a used er2 doppler it has no weights in it what size do they take? and what kind of setup works for you? this is goin on heavily ported av7 ported to the limits by rebel moby himself 16:16sha 39mm polini high comp head modified sim pipe im not tryin to build a race bike i already have one just have a bet with a friend he said that my stock bore moby could never out run his 65cc polini vespa single speed (47mph) i already beat him on low end and have not put on rebels cylinder yet or the variator and prolly do 38mph or so

Re: er2 weight size

any tricks for stockish setup? im already puttin the engine on a way lighter Raleigh rm6 yes it will variate when im done i know every little bit counts so....... im open 2 new ideas

Re: er2 weight size

Re: er2 weight size


Re: er2 weight size

come on someone knows this

Re: er2 weight size

Jeremy Husk Wrote:


> 16x13???????


> 3-Variator-Weights--Mediumweight-Set/


Re: er2 weight size

sweet thanks tj

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