Kitting a 1HP e50?

Can I put a 70cc kit on a 1HP maxi?

I've read about 1HP different internal gearing and ports, I'm not sure what this means for throwing a kit on. Or what I can do to make it work.

I know getting another engine is an option, but I'd like to try and make this one work if possible.

Re: Kitting a 1HP e50?

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Fine to kit

No real difference in e50s

1hp Za50s have differences not 1hp e50s

You got read up on timing, jetting, stock crank bushing, port matching and gearing or you will be sad.

Re: Kitting a 1HP e50?

Cool thanks for the good news. Yes I'm reading up on all those things. I want to be happy.

Re: Kitting a 1HP e50?

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Re: Kitting a 1HP e50?


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