Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

I live in a hilly hilly hilly campus and want to ride my grande doubles with my girl - so I thought I'd go with a circuit pipe. I'd like something that'll work with a stock cylinder and have room to grow into a 13mm carb, high flow filter and an olympia kit. I've already drilled the intake out to 13mm and removed the brass vario limiter.

nearly every entry in the performance spreadsheet is with a different exhaust and I've read a lot of the reviews on treats - SO, since people love talking about their setups - sell me on the pipe you love.

Here's what I've gathered so far.

vespa piaggio tecno circuit performance pipe - nice and torqy but has mounting issues with grande. seems people are using them on kits and stock cyls

vespa piaggio simonini circuit performance pipe - not gonna do jack shit on a stock cylinder - is this true??

vespa piaggio moped PROMA circuit performance pipe - good on kits, good stock, great all around performance at a good price.

vespa piaggio simonini circuit performance pipe black black - no reviews on treats, only kitted motors in the performance spreadsheet with seemingly lack luster performance

leo vince vespa performance pipe - seemingly for stockish stuff??? kinda pricy. Looking to spend no more than $120 unless it's just THE SHIT 4real

The polini pipes just seem expensive and comparable to tecno pipes. I'm leaning toward the proma currently... GO!

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?


The proma is a great pipe. You really can't go wrong with it. I also understand its Terry Deans fave.

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

Love my PROMA on my kitted bravo!! Grunt grunt grunt snort ROAR!!!!!

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

Promas are sweet.

I wanted some more oouumph so just bought a calibratta, no comment on that yet.

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

Haha... ok. Lemme know if you write a review. I think that one's a bit out of my price range though.

I think it's going to be pipe, port, carb, polini variator, malossi gears for me.... gotta get that pipe first though haha. Maybe by this winter I'll have it all awesomen'shit

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

Also, brad, I saw that rad orange rigid ciao of yours... SWEET bike man. I love rigid stuff.

I'm coming from puch/sachs/small honda 4t land so variation is all new to me. Reading threads I've never looked at and learning about things like notchin' variators - it's fun

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

Thanks a lot dude! I'm stoked you like it. I've got a good amount of work into that bike...

Its a ripper off the line with the proma, comparable to a 2 speed but no down time or lag during the "shift" thanks to the variation.

They can be a bitch to tune though, I'm still not hitting full variation so I'm maxing at like 37-38, with heavier weights I topped out at like 40 but can't get the rpms high enough to hit the pipe. I'm hoping a polini vario will help, when I've got the funds.

The simonini should be here Friday hopefully, ill be sure to chime in on how it compares..

I would offer you my proma, but I'm gonna keep it for my other ciao..


Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

ryan I had a tecno circuit on a grande and I had no mounting complications

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

leo vince is rad. if you're going 50cc-65cc i'd recommend it.

if you're going bigger than that, polini top one or calibrata.

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

for stock or a mild kit, the tecno circuit cant be beat, if you just want to cruise doubles, the DR and tecno is a great pair.

its gonna be tough period to get much out of a vespa without a kit.

Re: Vespa circuit pipes - which ones you like?

I kinda get that feeling... I was reading last night on your blogspot graham about the piston covering up the exhaust port by 3mm at BDC - then how you decked the cylinder to fix that and shaved the piston to bring the comp back up...

I don't have access to any tooling like that so I think porting a stocker is out of the question for the kind of power I'll be needing.

I like cast iron cylinders so I have no problem dropping $ on a DR.

Current game plan to finish the bike:

* Drill out the 12.12 (great blog post graham - again, way better than the wiki)

* hi flow filter

* DR

* Proma or tecno circuit

* Kinetic CDI

Currently waiting on stuff to sell :P If anyone wants to trade me some vespa stuff for an almost complete sachs 505 3 speed bottom end, lemme know - you're gonna need parts to get it running but it's like 90% there. Came from germany and shit.

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