idle and scratch marks

Hey all, basically minor problems now to sort out then my bikes all good. Got my dmp 70 kit on with 17mm phbg with jamarcol small exhaust. i know it sounds mad but ive only just ordered some jets for my phbg. ive been told they come with 60main as standard so i bought 64-74 jets and im going to rejet tomorrow. however the bike runs brilliant at the moment, temps are really low (around 300F) after long rides without too much WOT, im at 17* BTDC as ken says. Im running a pair of tights for an airfilter which works good for the time being also my plug is perfect choc brown. So.. the questions, ive just pulled cylinder off to check things and piston and cylinder look brilliant although there are a few tinny minute scratches on the piston just wanted to know is this normal ? i mean they are tiny and the cylinder has a crosshatch pattern around it - is this normal aswell? the other question is when my bike runs up till it's warm, my idle gets shitty and it revs up on its own and goes to die unless i keep it running by adding some throttle then it will rev up again and then revs drop until it dies unless i blip the throttle. is this just because i need to upjet or something else? ive checked for leaks everywhere sprayed wd40 and everything seems fine.

Thanks in advance

Re: idle and scratch marks

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Normal but you could have reduced the marks if you chamfered/smoothed sharp spots better.

You may need to be better jetted/mod your slide for better idle .

Your plug well it's not a real plug chop just a all around plug reading.

A real plug chop is made at full throttle and the Engine is killed with switch and clutch is pulled in stopping the raw gas from hitting the hot plug

Then you cut/chop the plug open and see the ring at the bottom of the insulator.

Low temps ? You take off the crush washer off the spark plug?

Re: idle and scratch marks

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set ur idle at running temp and that should fix that. I love to start cold and have it instantly idle cause it's awesome but realistically once that temp rises things need adjusting to be consistant. it is totally normal to have to rev up and raise temps to get a ped to idle, I personally have to get to 130-140 before it even thinks about idling for any amount of time and not die at stop lights

Re: idle and scratch marks

[Radium City] kyle k $ /

this is assuming that air leaks don't exist tho so make sure u check everywhere

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