Maxi E50 Exhaust

Marshall Williams /

I recently purchased a Maxi with an E50. I am looking to slightly build it for my girlfriend to ride. I am looking to keep the stock cylinder but I would like to pipe it. I have heard both estoril the technigas next are nice pipes.

Which would you choose?

I have a ZA50 with a polini and a Boss pipe on it. Should I just put the boss on the E50 and purchase a better pipe for my build?


Re: Maxi E50 Exhaust

Salsa Salsa /


Re: Maxi E50 Exhaust

boss pipes are the best pipe... LIKE A BOSS!

Re: Maxi E50 Exhaust

- Summerai - Drew /

Boss blows on a stocker. Proma gp or techno bullet.

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