can you do them? I mean can u make them moped? will it be faster? or at least faster than before?

Re: Mopeds?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

come on now ringring,

that was a loaded question. you are in filthadelphia for cripesakes. if they go any faster than 25 mph in PA its a motorcycle. so, no, no you can't. rather an M-class cycle, ahem.

i got pulled and checked on a Tomos Targa LX doing the 40MPH speed limit once. it was hilarious; no sir, it is stock. see the title says moped. it has only one pedal? i must have lost one somewhere IDK. heres my DL see the M?

Re: Mopeds?

Bolt-on Bright /

First thing you do is get the Express powder coated. You can put a kit on it, but do not change the pipe. It will be the fastest 30mph ever.

Re: Mopeds?


Re: Mopeds?


Faster than ever.... Everyone knows this..

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