mtobecane for 75$

Simon Picard /

so, i picked this up on saturday for 75$

it is not complete, missing headlight, rear light and various stuff....

it is not seized but hard to spin.

N40, 1971, not a AV10, not variated.

tell me more....!

mienne 2.jpg
mienne 3.jpg
mienne 4.jpg

Re: mtobecane for 75$

Simon Picard /

wrong forum!!


Re: mtobecane for 75$

very sweet sought after frame. you got lucky. I'd love to get my hands on that

Re: mtobecane for 75$

COOL - what you going to do on her?

Re: mtobecane for 75$

Looks like your ability to use this website needs a little performance tuning.

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