and so it begins.... the demise of my noob paychecks

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noob performance. noobormance.

so here's the story...

i got a 77 puch maxi for pretty cheap and it didn't run. stock e50 one speed. after thoroughly digesting as much as i could from this forum as a noob i realize i, at some point, would like to add some balls to it. but not just yet. my plan was to at least get it up and running and then gradually start doing a few modifications when time/money permitted. anyways, i began the teardown of trying to find out what's wrong. wow, small carbon buildup on the piston, cylinder is squeaky clean, head is squeaky clean and still flat? score! but it feels like low compression. long story short, after rings and gaskets and such i got it to kick over. yay for noob! HOWEVER, mid way through putting the cylinder and head back on i realize that when tightening down the M6 studs that my top left one isn't grabbing the nut and come to find out the threads been stripped. "well, fuck" is my thought, "so at some point i need to helicoil or drill and retap that to a M7" i have other stuff i can work on the bike anyway... like oh say, changing the trans fluid since i figured the bike had been sitting awhile it would probably be a good idea..

well needless to say i popped that sumbitch oil plug off annnnd it's stripped as well. "well fuck, i have to drill and retap that too"

so i got a nice cylinder, head and piston and now my case is starting to get fucked. i ALSO have a fear that when i pull the case apart (so i can prevent metal getting in the case when i drill and retap the plug) the threads are going to start stripping, which i mean, drilling and retapping isn't a big deal for me because i'm a machinist.

SO, given the information and the aforementioned balls that must be applied in the near future, should i just go for it? obviously all of you are going to say yes (hopefully?), so let me rephrase that. i have to tear everything down anyway. since i have to do it anyway should i throw in a stuffed crank, 3 shoe clutch, CDI ignition, gila or polini, treats/77mopeds bells and whistles and a horn that plays "la lucucaracha", etc.? any suggestions? comments? good jokes? bad jokes? i'm ron burgundy?

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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