cool running oil?

i use the motul 710 and i just got the 800 dubble esters and it works great , but im always looking for ways to cool my ride down even more so . im on a av10 with a 70c kit .if there are any other tricks for cooling down a motobecane besides the spark and timing please let me know ?

Re: cool running oil?

classic carl jepsen /

why do you think it runs hot

Re: cool running oil?

lower the compression ratio, hone the bore to enlarge the ring gap, enlarge the exhaust stinger diameter, run high-octane gas, richen your jetting

Re: cool running oil?

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All what he said^ and you could gear for a few less revs.

Re: cool running oil?

Also I don't know what your oil gas ratio is bit more oil in the mix makes more power but it also holds in more heat

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