Batavus Exhaust Pipe Made Loud

This is my standard factory pipe from my 78' Batavus Regency. It has a silencer cap that I took off to see how loud it is. It has a nice idle rumble to it. It gets loud when I turn the throttle up but not Harley Loud. Also is goes a little faster than 20mph with no hesitation.

Re: Batavus Exhaust Pipe Made Loud

- Summerai - Drew /

Buy a cheap used circuit pipe and modify it to fit.

Re: Batavus Exhaust Pipe Made Loud

Moped Jay in Mass. is going to make me a new pipe once he gets out of the hospital.

Re: Batavus Exhaust Pipe Made Loud

buy any pipe cut off stock header reuse. set pipe angle weld Done. Done it for years on cars bikes fuck even my friends wheelie lawn mower. go ulta redneck and use duct tape! (please dont ever worked out)

Re: Batavus Exhaust Pipe Made Loud

LoL OK Rambo.

Re: Batavus Exhaust Pipe Made Loud

♣Slew Foot♣ /

that expansion chamber is from an indian

the bats have the nut in the expansion chamber outlet.

tomos a35 exhaust (top)/stock beater performance modded batpipe(2.5" lead in to expansion chamber, few dents in the right places and a 1/32" hole in divot to de restrict)

indian header and expansion chamber on my sachs. btw you must have an A or 1 cylinder that is a big dia header that that pipe goes to or its really tightened down.

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