Vespa Olympia vs Dr

I want some more power out of my Grande, I was thinking about either the Olympia or the DR kit. What do you all recommend?

Re: Vespa Olympia vs Dr

Polini or bust

Use the search function fool, this gets discussed at least once a week.

Re: Vespa Olympia vs Dr

I have searched, the problem is that every week a different one is ranked the best.

Re: Vespa Olympia vs Dr

then why even ask? read what people have said and find the application that best suits you.... all preference bro some people like this some people like that. if they both seem comparable then why not save some $$$ and go with what ever is cheaper..... not like some ray of sunshine is going to highlight the better one like some divine power guiding you. one person praises another talks shit. Thus is the way of the Forum. (keep in mind.... i post some retarded questions because i'm a r00kie newbie)

Re: Vespa Olympia vs Dr

its very hard to say which is "the best"

Its more a matter of which one is "best" for your goals and budget.

Both kits should be pretty bullet proof, as long as you have NO air leaks, mix your gas correctly, and get a temp gauge.

I love my polini, was it worth the extra $$$$ who knows?

Re: Vespa Olympia vs Dr

Ill also say, if i could go back and do it again id go with a 70 kit.

The 64 is fun but i want MOAR power.

Re: Vespa Olympia vs Dr

^^^ I agree....if ya open it up to match everything, just go max displacement....I like my 64cc too, but it is slow compared to a 47mm kit on other bikes, IMO.

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