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. , Wrote:


> good job picking a single point out of context and

> summing the characteristics of a pipe to one

> dimension. wrong answer, try again. actually,

> don't. Since you yourself admitted to not trying

> both pipes on a stock cylinder, your opinion is

> not warrented.

If you'd really like to make a debate out of it I can surely pick several other points to accurately support my opinion and refute your's.

For starters, every pipe has a 'tuned length'. the biturbo's and the treats pipe are obviously different. The formula used to determine the ideal 'tuned length' for a pipe is a function of exhaust duration and the RPM you wish to tune the pipe to work best at. Furthermore, the exhaust duration of a stock cylinder and a kit are different. This is due to variations in port sizes. Now, based on the dimensions i discussed in my previous post, we can already ascertain that this pipe was not designed around the stock cylinder. When the creators of the treats pipe determined what it's 'tuned length' will be, they likely used the exhaust duration from a kit. Naturally, this would make it's tuned length less-then-ideal for the stock cylinder. However, this does not necessarily mean it would perform badly.

In addition, cylinder volume (CC's) is considered in a formula when determining the ideal length of a header. Again, the length of the biturbo's and the treat's are different. Not only is that an indication that the treats was designed for a kit, it is another reason why I believe it would not be ideal for a stock cylinder.

There's more factors that I don't feel like explaining (such as stinger length and diameter) that would further indicate my opinion that the pipe would perform better on a kitted bike then stock. What you apparently didn't seem to understand is that pipe dimensions are correlated with cylinder volume. Because of this it is to be expected that some pipes will perform better on stock cylinders and some will perform better on kitted cylinders.

For some reason, it seems like you automatically assumed I was bashing the treats pipe. I just implicitly stated that I believe the performance of the biturbo on a stock cylinder would be better then that of the treat's, perhaps trivially. I want to make it clear that I believe the treats pipe is a great pipe that offers great performance on both kitted and likely stock bikes as well. And it's not as if I was speaking out of my ass either... clearly i have fact to back up what i'm saying.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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