Help me plan my first Build!

So I've been doing research and reading the spreadsheet and I think I have a pretty solid plan, but while I've done work on cars and motorcycles before I'm a total moped noob.

So before I spend a bunch of money I figured I'd run this by some of you more experienced guys, let me know what you think...

.:: What I have ::.

Morini M02 (Stamped M01 but it's a 2-spd which I believe make it an M02?)

Dellorto SHA 14.12mm Carb w/ 50 jet

Black Plastic Intake Box with what looks like a Brillo Pad for a filter

14mm intake (stock)

Stock Exhaust

NKG B6ES plug

"Minor Porting" (according to previous owner)

Everything else is stock

Top Speed: ~30mph w/ no low end power

.:: The Goal ::.

~45 mph (I'd be happy at 40) with good low/midrange power

.:: The Plan ::.

65cc Polini Reed Valve kit (already owned)

Dellorto SHA 16.16mm Carb

K&N or other "High Flow" Air Filter

Ev Racing Mamba Exhaust (really big expansion chamber)

NKG B8ES plug (colder)

I know there are other factors involved, like gearing, but right now I'm just concerned with engine function.

Do you think I can hit my goal without porting or milling the head, or should I find someone to do it for me?

Can I upgrade to a 19mm PGHB?

I was planning on getting jets in the 80's range, does that sound right?

Is there anything I'm missing? (that's related to engine function)

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

I would say for a pipe, get the N8P. Way better pipe on the top end than the mamba. Porting, dont do it. At least not yet. Try it on something thats not $250 to replace and that you dont car about if you fuck it up. As far as head milling, its not that expensive and its usually necessary to get a 50cc head to work on a 70 kit. You dont need a phbg, your low end would be better with a sha anyways. And maybe look into a better reed block. Like the Malossi 4 petal, or Polini 2 petal. If this is your first time kitting a moped you should get a head temp gauge. They're only $40 and will save you from blowing up you top end. Morini's are fast little motors, you will probably be able to touch 50 one day if you get good at tuning.

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

Hey thanks a lot! This is really helpful stuff.

I'm gonna be riding it in and out of center city philly so low/mid end is pretty important with other cars and traffic lights etc. That's initially why I chose the mamba over anything else. Am I still gonna have decent low end with the N8P?

Also, anyone have an idea as far as jets go? If I order a bunch in the 80 range will I be ok or should I get some in the 70's too? 90's?

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

I'm going to totally disagree withthe advice given to you. An n8p is a really bad match for you, it has a really high rpm power band and has very little on the low end. Also, a sha would not give you better low end than a comparably sized phbg, as the phbg has an idle circuit, a tunable needle, and an airmix screw that are designed to give you the optimal air fuel ratio at all points of the throttle range. Also, neither a malossi 4 petal or polini 2 petal reed will fit this kit. You could however replace the reeds with nicer carbon fiber one if you like, but that's probably not necessary.

You will be quite pleased with that kit, a mamba pipe, and a 16-19mm phbg. 45 mph is a very realistic goal with that set up, and you'll retain a lot more low end grunt.

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

Mike T has a 4 petal on his Sebring thats why i suggested it. I dont know what he had to do to get it to fit, but he has one on a polini. And just because its not a circuit pipe doesnt mean the low end sucks. A 2 speed and keeping stock gears should be able to pull you around real nice. The peak power of the N8P is much better than a mamba too. I had no low end woes with a homoet pipe in Seattle. I will agree that a sha doesn't have the same kind of tuneablity, but a phbg is a real pain to tune with no prior moped jetting knowledge. And reeds meter the fuel a lot better than a piston port kit so a sha should do you just fine. Dont listen to that n00b who doesn't know shit about morinis. is where you wanna get jets. 75-98 for $13.99. Even comes in a sweet case.


Re: Help me plan my first Build!

Y U mad tho? (edited)

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

Benevolent Aroh /

16 SHAs are a pain to tune. get anything else.. phbg, bing, anything

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

Maybe its a pain; yes, but not impossible to dial it in. Your phbg and bing carbs aren't any easier. Its either jetted right or not, whats so hard about that??? I would say if you really wanted that bigger carb to get a Mikuni VM20, great quality carbs for the price.

Re: Help me plan my first Build!

^ 16 shas more than other sizes tend to be finicky, depending on your luck you might have to notch/drill the slide to get it to idle right, but again, it's really not that difficult.

I like shas for their simplicity, I don't like that they don't have an adjustable needle. what tends to happen is you tune for tippy top end and notch your slide to idle and everything in between is super rich. it's fine on stock bikes where your rev range is much smaller, but it's a bummer on kitted bikes.

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