Disc brake on stock forks

Did a search but never found a definite answer: What is the dangers of mounting a disc brake system on a stock puch maxi or puch pinto fork? Would the forces on the caliper system be too much for the stock fork causing it to twist? Even with the u-bracing? Anyone have experience on this? Thanks.

Re: Disc brake on stock forks

Disk + stock fork = folded forks. THe wall thickness on stock forks is too thin.

Re: Disc brake on stock forks

yeah, get some hydro's w/ a tab for a caliper. i welded a tab onto some k10s but it distorted the inside of the tube. 50$ down the toilet. tab looks great tho.

Re: Disc brake on stock forks


Do you recommend a specific caliper setup for your disk brakes for the puch stars rims? Also, is their a good fork alternative other than the ebr forks?

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