Can't fined the head I want

Got the alukit came with a hi comp head. People on here told me to get rid of it cause it was killing my top speed and the temps run to hi for me. So I put on the stock head, it was way better but the squish on it totally sucked. It was small and uneven also with small air leak. So I tryed to put hi comp back on with 2 gaskets and more air leaks. I have a few flat copper one on the way and that mite help. But does any one have some ideas or know of just a strait 70 cc head not hi comp? I've been Dealing with this for ever I just want to get tuned in and ride.

Re: Can't fined the head I want

Road Rash Dave /

You will have to date a few women and them out...for whats right for you

............But Seriously.........are you using a head temp gauge?

where is your timing?


and whats the rest of your setup?

Re: Can't fined the head I want

Hahaha. But Yes I have a I have a temp gauge. And no shit I have almost every jet there is from 60 to 100 something tryed most of them but I know a lot more now and have a better feel for tuning. Had timing at 1.1 when I had on the hi comp and went to like 1.5 with the stock head cause the temps where fine. 70cc alukit 19mm PHBG 21 mm intake techno bullet malliosi 2 pedal reed but non of that really matters or means any thing till I kill this air leak. Once I do I'll start from the beginning.

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