Stock 103 exhaust? Keepin pedals and center stand?

I am looking to upgrade my stock exhaust. I am looking for something that will mount up pretty easily and still allow for use of the pedals and kickstand. I've read the Wiki and searched the forums but I'm more confused now then when I started. I was running a derestricted stock exhaust and switched over to a derestricted Faco which ran pretty well until It cracked in half.

Also a lot of the pipes I'm seeing wont thread into my stock cylinder but have a flange instead. Is this easy to over come?

I may even be interested in something used if you have some you want to turn into cash.


Brent Braun

Re: Stock 103 exhaust? Keepin pedals and center stand?


First try de-restricting your stock exhaust, if you haven't already. Unscrew the back piece, remove the baffle and tube, and put the end cap back on. This combo'd with a better carb (SHA 15.15?), intake, and reeds should get you a very noticeable performance upgrade.

If you still want more, a good option for pedal and stand clearance is the Simonini circuit:

The hardware that comes with the pipe is only suitable for flange mount cylinders, but you should be able to use this Simonini kit to make it work with a stock threaded cylinder. I haven't tried this combo to be sure, I think it would do the trick.

Re: Stock 103 exhaust? Keepin pedals and center stand?

David Theriault /

I too loved the circuit pipe with SHA 15.15 + polini reed block. Was good for 45mph with the stock cylinder on my 103 VLS-U3 on flat ground, (disclaimer, I am very lightweight) had great acceleration, hitting pretty well about 20mph and sounded pretty good too (loud though). Had to machine a threaded mount to get it to fit, not having known about the exhaust flange, which was a lot of work, so if that exhaust flange works this setup should be highly recommended for bolt on speed for the 103. Did not hit center-stand but now that I think of it when fully variated it would hit my chain tensioner on the pedal side, which didn't bother me because I was removing my pedals anyway.

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