powerdynamo CDI

hi i'm thinking of getting the powerdynamo CDI - 12v / 100w DC for my stock 1984 tomos a3 sp but i don't know if it would work for it? and will i be able to run any light i want or just some? also will this change anything in terms of performance??

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Re: powerdynamo CDI

Nice and Bright, got so much power in reserve I am switching to Halogen headlights. I got mine straight from Powerdynamo with upgraded the rectifier/regulator w/smoothing capacitor, worth it. Lights are still fairly bright at at idle.

Re: powerdynamo CDI

want are u useiing it on?

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If you are looking for good power output you will not be disappointed with an PD CDI unit.

My bike has one of the 70w units and I am currently running an motorcycle projector headlight with an 55w automotive halogen bulb. Bike puts out as much light as my motorcycle dose and still have wattage for powering my tail/brake lights.

Very bright at idle also!

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