dellotro PHBN12

I'm bringing an AV 7 back to life and plan to build an AV 10 in the near future. Would this carb be worth a shot to me? I never see this model dellotro mentioned much in wiki or general conversation. Why is that? This thing is like brand new.

Re: dellotro PHBN12

fuck 12mm. get a bing if u want that. mobys love shas. 14.12 or 15.15.

Re: dellotro PHBN12

The PHBN or PHVA are fairly common OEM carbs for scooters, and on the new tomos bikes. The only real difference between the two is the chokes. They aren't a common aftermarket carb except on bikes that came with them stock. This is probably due to the fact that it requires a specific intake to fit. (edited)

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