Things to check before kitting

What should I check before kitting a za50 from a stock 49cc to a 70cc? I have a feeling the crank needs to be replaced or maybe a full overhaul of the engine. The last owner checked everything before he sold it to me. The thing is it has 40 yo barings...

Re: Things to check before kitting

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Re: Things to check before kitting

long answer:

everything especially if someone has had it apart. who owned it last? someone on here? "check everything" WTF does that mean?

if it's a stock crank, they probably didn't mess with crank shims, but if they installed a new case gasket - I'd tear it down and make sure it was the right thickness - especially if it's that teflon bullshit.

the thing you really need to check is the end play float on the transmission. look it up in the wiki . plastigauge is cheap.

the thing you must do is pucks. they're $10 and some time. look it up in the wiki .


sell the motor to someone who will throw some $ and time at it before you blow it up and it's worthless. then buy an e50.



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