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Am I doing this right? Or is it the other way?

I know some have mentioned spacing out the reeds to leave a little extra a/f mix in the case for quick throttle response... and yet others like the reeds as close to the crank as possible...

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Probably Fred /

Mine are close to the cylinder

Better pressure .

Lose the stock reeds and get v force reeds then you will have low end

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Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

I am running a set of the Boyesen Dual Stage Power Reeds in the stock cage...Good choice?

Looking to build a torquey bike, not a high rpm screamer. Gonna pair it with a MMM Destoyer and TM24. Stock Points...

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I like to make small spacers in different thicknesses for placement ontop of the reedblock, so that the reeds are still close to the cylinder. When you crack the throttle fast, theres a small pocket of air on top of the reeds already from the spacer, so the response is a tad better.

With different thicknesses varying from 1/4"-5/8" you can change how the bike reacts with certain throttle positions ALOT.

If you want my 2 cents, take it off and flip it around so the spacer is ontop of the reeds.

The boyesen reeds are good. But if you want torquey, take a different pipe instead of the Motomatic Destroyer and cut/weld/modify for low end. Take a Treats pipe and reweld for angle-port Gila. And that sir...will rip.

Hope I helped,

Larry -

Re: Mike Thomas Gila Spacer

Yep, switch them to increase crankcase pressure.

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