Mikuni TM 28mm

Is there anyone useing the Mikuni TM 28 mm Flatslide carb. and on what are u useing it on i'm thinking on getting it but not sure performance wise it is ether this or 2 other options a Dellorto 24 mm or 21mm so if u r useing the mukini 28 mm how is it

Re: Mikuni TM 28mm

Overpriced Parts /

For what kit/engine

Re: Mikuni TM 28mm

Moped, region, how fat u are, etc etc. COme on dude. Help us help you.

Re: Mikuni TM 28mm

that internet sensation MAIZE has one on a puch polini

Re: Mikuni TM 28mm

Wonder what reeds he's using hmmmmm those ones that come with that dio intake kit look cheap as shit.

Jj is also running one on his bat gp revolution.

Re: Mikuni TM 28mm

from the source: not sold on the Dio reedblock, malossi 4 petal better

Re: Mikuni TM 28mm

not a Baron Asshole /

thats an OKO, says right there on the bottom! the TM28 comes with an incorrect needle and needle jet stock for our small displacement 2 stroke engines. I have one that i HOPE to get running right, but i know the rest of the parts in it i will need to change out as well like the idle jet, and piss poor milage to boot!


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