Atomizer/Infuser pin questions

Jonny Appleseed /

I'm trying to figure out what relevance the atomizer (or infuser pin) has in terms of tuning. I'm aware of its function; to atomize the fuel/air mixture into a gaseous state so it is more combustable.

What effects to performance does changing an atomizer to smaller/larger size cause?

In what tuning situation would you change the atomizer?

Here's why I ask. I'm trying to tune the following setup:

A55 w/ 70cc airsal

14mm PHVA

78 main jet

#210 atomizer

Whichever idle jet that comes with this kit

UNI POD filter


27t front 22t back

needle set to richest

stock ignition

I've tuned up idle mix on the carb and have great take off from a stop with minimal bogging. My top end is what puzzle me. With a 74 main jet, im really lean but easily cruise on flat ground at 40-42. with a 78 main jet (good fuel mix, not too lean) im getting only 37-39.. maybe touching 40 on occasion.

The only thing i can think of that's left to mess with is the atomizer. Should i pop the stock one back in? i dont fully understand what the effect on performance will be if i change atomizer sizes.

The idle jet seems fine cause like i said, take off is fine and it idles fine. I know it does play a trivial roll in top end performance as well, however.

Let me know what you guys think.

ALSO- could it be timing? Im running the stock ignition w/stock timing.

OR-does my pipe just suck?

Re: Atomizer/Infuser pin questions

Overpriced Parts /

A higher atomizer makes the whole jet "range" higher so 0-1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 throttle and wot is richer not just one part

Re: Atomizer/Infuser pin questions

Jonny Appleseed /

would you say that it's more of a "fine" adjustment? In other words, if i used an atomizer that was one size smaller would that significantly lean out the mix across the throttle range? or would it just be slightly leaner?

would the stock infuser (#209) be ok to use with a 70cc kit? or do people generally use a larger one?

Re: Atomizer/Infuser pin questions

Overpriced Parts /

Yes smaller leans out the whole range

Re: Atomizer/Infuser pin questions

Jonny Appleseed /

i know that, you said that in your first post. How significantly does one size lean out the entire range?

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