derbi "race" contra springs

they are up on 1977mopeds now

I have been testing them for the past month or so, they work wonderfully.

vroom vroom!



you choose which one you want, but you probably want a pretty powerful setup for the stiffest one.

(you can use them in piston port and pyramid reed motors as well!!! they do work in them!!!) (edited)

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

OOPS, yellow is the STIFF one... RED is the STIFFEST. links are screwed up and I cannot edit them to reflect that mistake.

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

how are they to change out? a bear, or not to bad? vespa ones are almost a two man task for the stiffest spring.

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

They are a two man job unless you have bear hands... but if you have the clutch puller it also pulls the pulley as well. Remember people flat reeds are left hand thread. (edited)

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

put my red spring in today and went 2g heavier on my weights! Hit 61mph within 3 or 4 blocks I guess that's pretty good... in the city. I rode 11 miles out to the country to visit my buddy and play NBA Jam and had a very fun time destroying hills at 57mph. yummy.

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

Which one would you reccomend for my DS50 flat reed? This might help my slow take off.

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

King Drunky JCams /

The red spring is bitchin in the 95cc lc derbi pyramid reed! More rpms and torquey as hell...

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

for a stock flat reed i'd go with the yellow.

jcams... good to hear man!

Re: derbi "race" contra springs

yup, stronger spring is what you needed. Don't let me tell you so tho. :)

taylor and ryan, thee men for testing these. (edited)

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