Compression on NU50 ques..

I got my nu50 running very well now. It has great pep, everything is stock and she goes about 32 mph. I did a compression text today and I saw its supposed to be about 180. I hooked up a compression tester to the engine, opened the throttle all the way and cranked on the kickstart and I was surprised to see it came in at abt 40! Am I doing somethin wrong or is that really what my compression is??

Re: Compression on NU50 ques..

Try a new compression tester .

Re: Compression on NU50 ques..

40 psi was the max after multiple kicks?

Re: Compression on NU50 ques..

yep I kicked the hell out of it to get to 40. I just got a old snap on tester Ill try when the sun coms up.

Re: Compression on NU50 ques..

some compression testers are inaccurate on small engines.,2817203,2817589

also with a dash of oil through the sparkplug hole to seal the rings it will simulate a perfect sealing situation. compare that to what you are getting dry. More than a 30% drop in pressure from wet to dry and it's time for new rings and a hone.

Re: Compression on NU50 ques..

im gettin 110 to 120 with a scored cylender with a good pistion and rings

BTW how much do you think you wood get with a big bore kit?

Re: Compression on NU50 ques..

40lbs the thing wouldn`t run. if it did it would only hit maybe 10mph

i have a snap-on tester and the schrader valve is probably leaking take one out of a tire and replace.

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