Puch za50 treats cdi

i haven't been able to locate info on this unit having intermittent/ weak spark. Can anyone help me out please?

It's installed and sparks when plug is held on the outside of the head, but the motor just won't fire. it has fuel air and spark.

This is on an otherwise stock maxi za50. the cdi is the lone performance part.

Any tips or tricks? what are we doin wrong??

This is my first puch experience btw. I thought they were supposed to be easy compared to frenchys n hobbits...

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

You need to verify the timing with an timing light. Sure it has spark but you do not know at what crank position said spark fires.

Report back with degrees BTDC something in the 15-19* should get the bike to fire.

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

regardless of where the timing is set on the stator it should still fire. your best bet would be to just move the stator into the "middle" position, and try there. if it has intermittent/weak spark it is almost guaranteed to be your ignition coil (the one on the stator!) or the pick up on the stator.

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

i had a similar problem. the flywheel was rotating slightly on the crank, the woodruff key was too short for the flywheel so i had to install a taller one.

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

thanx for the info. ive been trying timing at all stator positions. finally got the engine to give a hiccup/ 1 second fire but no more than that.

What are the chances that I received a brand new, bad/broken cdi from treats?

And im 100% sure everything is installed, grounded, etc correctly. I will check the woody key though, I didn't think of that

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

never had much luck with the treats cdi. never worked 100% right on my za.

i ended up buying a hpi mini rotor (edited)

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

they take some work to get working right. they also fail very easily. but you can usually repair them pretty easily too.

timing may still be your issue if it's slipped on the crank off of the woodruff key, so moving the stator's not going to help you there. it'd be worth it to pull it and check.

Re: Puch za50 treats cdi

you probably just need to flip the coils so the rotating magnet pushes electrons out the correct end of the coil. you can check this by hooking up a cordless drill to the crank and spinning it forward and backward. if you get good spark spinning backward, then coils need flippin

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