minarelli v1 polini 75cc 19phbg MLM rev-run set up

Crossvalley Tonysieze /

So ive been running my minarelli V1 with these modifications for about about a year and a half now (approx 2000 miles)

-Polini 75cc kit

-50cc high comp head

-MLM Rev-Run

-19 dellorto phbg

-b6hs spark plug

-21mm custom intake

-needle 3rd from the bottom w8

-idle: 42 main: 94

-molassi mesh filter intake

Now my question is, what idle jet and main jet are people using for a similar set up?

What is your set up?

My throttle runs like this:

1/4 turn - perfect

1/2 turn - rich

WOT - Perfect


what am i doing wrong with this bike? its proven to be perfect for rallies and and almost 2000 miles worth of riding, but im tired of my throttle being all messed up.

Is my idle jet too big maybe?

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