More torque via gear ratio?

Hey, all. I'm looking to get some more torque out my Magnum.

I'm in the process of building her up and I want to decide on a gear ratio. I'd like to increase the torque, since I want to make it up hills on such a heavy bike.

Setup will be: E50, stock cylinder, 15 SHA, Techno Boss pipe.

Can anyone recommend some gearing that will climb hills? I've learned about gear ratios and such; I just want to hear some opinions. Thanks.

Re: More torque via gear ratio?

I'm running 21x35 on my kitted ZA50. But that doesn't really help you. I'm just bragging.

Re: More torque via gear ratio?

@ryped How's that running? Gives me a boner just thinkin' about it.

Re: More torque via gear ratio?

Overpriced Parts /

21x35 and 21x34 on my Gila za74 magnum's.

I ride them anywhere, up hills, down hills, traffic 45-55 roads but no interstate freeways . They got similar top end speed of polini 64 cc on flat no wind but they can hold 50 mph uphill in the wind so more torque then polini.

Oh ya I'm running v force reeds without them less torque/low end

You want torque run a Gila 74cc v force reeds and derestricted Estroil

Re: More torque via gear ratio?

14x45 with that set up, you'll top out at mid 30 if everything else is in order (that's assuming an open port 2hp jug, go 15 on a closed port, open up intake and exhaust if it's a 1 or 1.5).

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