Ciamatti build ( performance questions)

I'm new to the Italian built peds, what is the best combo to make a minarelli v1 push. 210 lb dude at least 45mph in a ciamatti city bike. Anybody have a reliable combo that has some good torque for hills and a decent top end speed?


Re: Ciamatti build ( performance questions)

You're going to want

Polini 75cc kit

Case match

19 PHBG or Mikuni VM20

Circuit pipe of some kind (puch pipes work well with little mods)

Moderate gearing

Some skinny MC11 tires will help your top speed too

Tune the clutch with some of Eds blue springs

30 weight non detergent oil in the tranny

High comp 70cc head (good luck finding one these days)

It's going to be tough making you go that fast and pull up hills decently well you're asking for two things on opposite ends of the spectrum. You can gear high for top speed but then bog on hills. Or rip up hills with low gearing and lose top speed. \

Good luck let us know how it goes.


Re: Ciamatti build ( performance questions)

More or less...what Aron suggested. You can have a bike that performs the way you want it by just getting the important stuff (kit/carb/pipe) down, and by that I mean matching the intake and exhaust ports. You don't even need to case match for what you're looking for. If you wanted to group things into categories of importance, I'd say step one do this first.

Second most important thing I'd do if I were you is get your gearing right. Anything in the range of 3.7:1 to 3.5:1 would be the best final drive ratio for your desired performance.

Literally...if you only do those things while having fresh gas/fresh trans oil/cables/brakes/tires, you'll have a pretty sweet bike that is RELIABLE. I've been there. It's great. It works. It'll perform better than any slapped together Puch out there, IMO.

Or you can go all 2 stroke tech on it, go nuts with the pipe, matching, ignition, timing, wheel diameters, gearing, and go 63mph.

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