Oil ratio?

1980 Honda express.


Does the the oil ratio need to be exact? Or if is ok roughly get the right amount of oil in.

Re: Oil ratio?

Be as inaccurate as you feel comfortable with, if you are using synthetic and going for agressively dry premix then be more careful then if you were using dino-oil at 25:1 or 4%

Re: Oil ratio?

SkUG SkUGosarus /

i've oftened wondered... fuel evaporates... should i sometimes add a splash more every once in a while?

Re: Oil ratio?

I ran 52:1 in a 125cc race bike and never had any problems. I mix this bike at 48:1 which is what alot of people seem to recommend. If your riding regularly you shouldnt need to worry about evaporation. Your gas would go stale before it would evaporate unless your running in very hot conditions.

Re: Oil ratio?

You always want fuel to be as fresh as reasonably possible, so dont premix a 5 gallon red container of the stuff if you are going ot ride every second Tuesday only to the convenience store if the weather is nice because you will end up with 4 3/4 gallons of bad gas in a year.

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