need help tuning my vm18 mikuni

Zacarias Aviles /

ok my setup is a kstar 70cc kit with high comp old style fin head. super stuffy crank and a custom made intake made to fit a mikuni vm 18 not ported case. and some ghetto technigas exhaust. it turns one but it seems to be running fine idling but it spit out alot of gas. my jets are 90 main jet and 15 idle jet. should i change the main jet to a 85 to control the gas flow better. also when i put the filter on the bike dies out. please someone help i live in chicago south side

Re: need help tuning my vm18 mikuni

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

I am running a 95 on my ported Polini on my Hobbit, so I would think a 90 on your KStar is a little rich.

The 15 idle is a little high as well I bet, but should work for now.

Basically, to tune a Mikuni, you want to read this and do as it says. Make sure you have a temp gauge on it.

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