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I picked up a Tomos and I am going to put a Alukit on it with a techno circuit. Is it recommended that I put a new crank in it? I am not familiar with how well the cranks are for the Tomos. I'd rather not spend an extra $120.

I put a new crank in my e50 because I read a lot about them breaking. How would a Tomos hold up with a 45mm 70cc kit on it?

The engine looks practically new, only 230 miles on it. '89 Tomos.

Re: Tomos crank / stock

89, so thats an a3? I've run one with a stock crank and never had problems, but i didn't have more than a couple hundred miles on it before i swapped it out for an a55. I really dont trust any brass bushing to hold up to 10000 rpms. But you've got a mild build you should be fine.

Re: Tomos crank / stock

Kevin Bishop /

tomos cranks are fine they do well with 70cc kits. i have never had a problem and i have put several kits on tomos bikes. even put a puch kit on a tomos with custom exhaust. only tomos crank i ever broke was an a3 and i think the kid i bought it from already cracked it.

Re: Tomos crank / stock

Yes, it is an A3. Thanks for the info, I will probably keep the stock crank in for this re-build.

It is amazing.. I got this thing off craigslist and the engine looks practically new. Awesome fine on my part. Only had 230 miles on it.. all stock.

Re: Tomos crank / stock

Probably Fred /

A3 gots a 10mm bushing so you got to get the 10mm pin kit

Make sure the bushing isnt janked before you kit it and ya it's like a puch bushed crank it can melt

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