Bing carbs on Sachs engine

I was wondering if a round bing would fit in place of a square bing. I looked on the wiki but it only talked about the 505 engine and I believe that I have a 504 engine.

Re: Bing carbs on Sachs engine

the 504 is almost identical to the 505 except that it doesnt extend as far back to include the pedal operation within the engine. the carb and performance reccomendations all still apply. you will most likely need a spacer to fit a round bing, but they can be easily made as outlined in the wiki. also ryan of deadpeds has made some spacers, but they only fit flat intake ports like on the C and D jugs. if you have a C or D (square cylinder fins, not tapered) you can flip the intake to face forward and cut off some of the front corner cylinder fins in order to mount a round bing.


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