Reed Upgrade on a Tomos a35

I'm looking for someone who knows a thing or two about tuning a35s. Would I see any gains from swapping out the reeds with my setup. Right now, I'm running the stock cylinder with a techno bullet pipe and a SHA 16.16 carb. My intake is the Moped Factory one that is huge and unrestricted. Finally, my air filter is a unifoam.

Thanks, looking to get a some cheap gains if there are any left to be had.

Re: Reed Upgrade on a Tomos a35

You could get the dual stage Boyesen reeds:

You could also get a 27T front sprocket for some more top end, but you'll lose a little low end.

Re: Reed Upgrade on a Tomos a35

Cant go wrong with the 70cc alukit, it is much lighter and the performance gains are amazing, and there only 115 bucks for the whole kit i think

Re: Reed Upgrade on a Tomos a35

I can't afford (sanity) to lose any low end so a larger sprocket is out of the question. I also can't afford (money) to buy a kit. I'm generally content with my 50cc hitting a consistent 35mph and still getting 100mpg. The reeds seem like an attractive upgrade which I just started to look into.

If I get those dual stage ones, should my main jet size be taken into consideration when upgrading?

Re: Reed Upgrade on a Tomos a35

yeah....go with the boysen reed ....just make sure they sit flat on the reed block & use lock tite on the screws, i dont think it will change your jetting, but double check the plug after a ride

dont worry about loosing low end , if anything it will be better

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