Garelli Super Sport XL Build Questions

Bought a clean 77 Garelli ssxl for $500 which wasnt running as well as I wanted so I decided to put some money into it.

70cc polini kit

20mm intake

21mm Dellorto PHBG racing carb (92main/50ide/60starter/40slide/W7needle)

Long-pull throttle

NOS CEV horn/light switch

New cables/levers all around

New brake shoes

New tubes

Replaced fuel-line/fuel filter

MTB bars

New cranks/pedals

I understand the lack of pictures is less than entertaining but I have a few questions if you'd like to help me out.

1. Previous owner cut out pretty much the entire exhaust and Im currently without an air filter. Is this going to harm the bike or make tuning/jetting the carb useless after I install exhaust/air filter?

2. Planning on getting weak-ends exhaust and malossi 90deg filter. Suggestions?

3. Having trouble wiring the horn/light switch. I have Yellow/Red/Grey/Green coming from the harness but the CEV switch only has white/brown/blue. My plan is the use a multimeter to test for continuity but Im still with an extra wire?

4. Stock gear ratio is 10x32. How low is too low for the rear if Im looking for torque? top speed and mpg are not much of a concern but I will be doing ~5mile trips relatively often.

5. Will 32:1 gas/oil mixture be too lean? Previous owner suggested 20:1

6. I know jetting is much from feel but any suggestions when getting started? Should i plan on downjetting from the 92?

7. Ive tried to do some research on reed kits and race clutches but I cant find much info. Suggestions?

8. Colunbus, Ohio moped community? whats this i read about pedshow coming to columbus?

Thanks for any responses, this thing is lookin pretty badass so I'll have a picture up soon enough

Re: Garelli Super Sport XL Build Questions

There's a wealth of information about garelli motors, youre not looking hard enough.

1-2: weekends pipe is decent and bolts right up. Mount with a bushing in the rear so you don't break your header

3 search for a wiring diagram- garelli wiring couldnt be simpler.

4 10x32 should be fine. Make sure your bearings are good and maybe replace your small end needle bearing this what I run on my malossi kit garelli with 17" wheels but I rebuilt my bottom end because the malossi loves revs

5 that is super retardo insanity rich. I run 60/1 with nice oil

6 try it and go by feel. Polinis are tough to tune in the low rpm range as I understand so I'd be more concerned with having needles and idle jets

7 Unfortunately, the malossi reed kit is extinct and it's a very expensive venture tracking one down, same with the brn race clutch and all the shit you need to make it work. Your rubber clutch will be adequate on a polini kit motor. 21 on that kit will drown it without really aggressive porting, and will be wasted on a 20mm id intake anyway; Run a 19 and enjoy stronger torque.

Re: Garelli Super Sport XL Build Questions

Get some small idle jets.

Get a low restriction filter, it will aid you in the idle circuit.

92 is a good start, you will be working down in jetting with an air filter since the 21 race comes with the AU atomizer.

10-32 Will be a very enjoyable gear ratio.

Reed kits for garelli, you will have better luck finding a third nipple than that.

Clutch, I know about those, Im going to get back to tinkering soon with a simple clutch design.

Re: Garelli Super Sport XL Build Questions

Also, just buff your old asbestos brake pads, I've had no luck with new brake pads- friction material sucks. The long pull throttle is also not necessary unless you just want it for some reason.

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