Re: E50 intake questions..

Jay Nowakowski /

For the people asking about the possibility of buying one of these, lemme see what I can do. I'm fortunate enough I have access to an amazing 60,000 sq ft machine shop but I don't want to over step my welcome. It's not out of the question though :)

As for jetting now I'm at an 84 main and a 45 idle I think.. It's honestly been a few weeks since I looked in there, and for a while I was swapping them around like crazy trying to get it to run right ahahahaha..

While I'm here, there where 2 concerns I had since I started riding it again, one we touched on already with the carb icing the other one is more a running issue.. Basically what's happening is when decelerating and completely off throttle from I'd say cruising speed on up to wot pulls, at a certain point I'm getting an odd pinging or possibly detonation type of condition going on.. Now I'm not exactly sure that's what it is but it kind of seems that way... It feels almost like a slight bucking, if I goose it it goes away for a second then comes back. Almost like its starving for fuel for a second then it gets it, uses it and then starts doing it again.. My only guess at this point is maybe fattening up my idle jet a bit more so it gets a bit more fuel at higher rpm coasting?.... Thoughts?

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