Going 12V, upgrade ignition coil?

Lukas McWhorter /

I am upgrading my light generator to a 12V system, and was wondering if this means I also have to upgrade the ignition coil as well.

I was just going to use a Bosch 12V coil from a BMW I have laying around if it'll work...

Re: Going 12V, upgrade ignition coil?

Leave the ignition alone if she is shooting bright blue snappy sparks

Re: Going 12V, upgrade ignition coil?

Rollo Tomassi /

I don't think you mentioned what kinda bike you're working on. On Mobys, I think the ignition stays 6v on the later 12v bikes.

Re: Going 12V, upgrade ignition coil?

Mobys there are 3 basic coils used on most of the later serie 50 serie 40 and serie 7: one for 6v, one for 6/12 v 2 coil genny and one for 6/12 v 3 coil genny.

Re: Going 12V, upgrade ignition coil?

You seem to have a maxi. You can upgrade the lights to 12v with the 12v puch lighting coil from treats. You will probably also need a voltage regulator. Why do you think you need 12v lights?

Re: Going 12V, upgrade ignition coil?

I don't think you really understand what you are doing and how a moped electrical system works. It sounds to me like you are going to change the high tension coil. I say this because I don't know of any BMW that had/has a magneto.

Changing the high tension coil will gain you nothing. Your lights will still be 6v. The coils that control the amount of voltage are under the flywheel. One is 12v for your ignition, and the other is 6v for your lights.

I wouldn't mess with it if I were you since you don't seem to understand it.


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