Re: vespa ciao DR kit

i just built one of those mazzuchelli cranks, the woodruff slot isn't even close to deep enough, it must be made for a different key. You just have to grind the flat part off 1/8" or so. hand file works good holding it with some pliers.

Re: vespa ciao DR kit

Yeah DR keeps it real in all of their kits I have had.

I like the Pacco or Spaco or Spacco or whatever Indian SHAt knock off is called.

How do you like the TOP crank?

Is it shaped like a stock crank or like a stock crank that got cutted?

The stock cranks are bad enough but I imagine the performance cranks are even harder metal.

I would suggest a Kinetic CDI for your next upgrade. They are cheap (relatively speaking) and the flywheels weigh a lot less. Plus they are 12v.

Do you prefer the variator or the stock pulley?

I have always run variators on my Vespas but some people whose tuning creds check out have told me the stock pulley 1 speedness is the way to go.

Re: vespa ciao DR kit

Hey u takin bout my crank! Yea

Re: vespa ciao DR kit

top cranks are crap DO NOT BUY ONE WHEN YOU CAN GET A MAZI

Re: vespa ciao DR kit

@tate - I'll wake up yer stock vari with some custom 6061 weights that weigh 1/4 as much as the brass ones.

Re: vespa ciao DR kit

yea the top crank i recieved was completely pitted and trashed. i sent it back and got the cut mazz crank. some day ill hook up the wiring and drive it.

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