'74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

OK so I joined a while ago trying to sell off the Ex's old moped, no papers etc.

Now it is mine, rather than trying to flog off a moped with no regi or any kind of paperwork I bought it, and am now trying to get it all legalish. It's a runner, but definitely needs rims and tires, and I need a new header as mine has split. The paint is rough, the electrics are jury rigged and the factory paint is atrocious. So can any of you fine folk point me in the direction of parts suppliers, after market goodies, tunning pages, owners groups etc etc etc? (edited)

Re: '74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

I have one of those, had to ask some people in Italy for parts because they are close to non-existant in USA and even worst in Canada. Header you would probably need to have someone wire weld it or find a bike customizer who can bend you a new one. Rims interchange with a lot of the other Italian makes.

Easy to register a previously never plated one in ON but dont know about NB. Might want to check into that before investing time into the bike unless you want to keep her as a camp bike.

Re: '74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

Thank you for the info. I think the regi may be easier than I thought.parts on the other hand are looking trickier, I may simply swap engines for a punched put Z50, 88cc should do it nicely. Any idea what chain size this thing uses?

Re: '74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

damn, you mean a honda z50 dont you? why you gonna go and ruin a rare bike????

Re: '74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

would'nt really be ruining it, I'll keep the Rizzato engine, and just make new plates to mount the Z50 engine, that way it could be switched back in a couple of minutes. I'm just thinking that the newer engine will give better performance in traffic around town. The ol'gal is pretty wheezy.

Re: '74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

Linda Green has the owner manual for the Rizzy available on her site http://projectmopedmanual.info/Manual_HTML/rizzato_califfo.html.

Give her a compression check and exhause cleaning, that might be the trick to restoring its power. I got my rings from UK they were only £8 a pair plus postage. You will have to check the size, 39,5 is the bore and think they are 2mm wide. Measure and check with Danny at AtoZrings http://www.mopedland.ukfsn.org/atozring/

Re: '74 Rizzato Califfo Deluxe

I'd buy that pipe from you

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