A3: new carb w/Sachs intake?

Anyone know if an A3 will take a Sachs intake? Looks like I'm gonna gonna upgrade the carb but don't wanna kit it yet.

Have considered doing a top end swap along with carb and heard an A35 kit will fit it. But if I could get more with a better carb and keep it stock I will. Might just weld my own intake.

Re: A3: new carb w/Sachs intake?

sachs wont fit , the only thing that willl work with the a3 is the short intake under the tank, you can put a dellorto carb under there ....its better than the encarwi carb......or make a intake

your best upgrade is to do a A35 top end swap.....but you need to swap out the top crank bushing out for a puch one

Re: A3: new carb w/Sachs intake?

Motion left makes an a3 intake. Available on 77. Or make one.

You can use the a3 piston in an a35 top end. Same size. Find an a35 piston, measure the windows and cut them into your a3 piston.

Re: A3: new carb w/Sachs intake?

Airsal makes a kit with the A3 10mm pin now.

are A3 and A35 pistons really the same size?!... why did i never think to measure those...

Re: A3: new carb w/Sachs intake?

yep. i just threw an a35 jug on my a3 two nights ago, cut the transfers in the piston, and it slid right on. with a slightly ported jug and a performance pipe, hitting mid to high thirties, with crazy low end. outran a za50 with a pipe that was tuned pretty well

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