1978 Puch Maxi Performance Upgrade (Advice for a newb)

Hey all,

I posted this in another Maxi thread, but thought it might be beneficial to repost as its own thread. I have read other threads and the wiki, and it has been helpful, but I am posting this here in an attempt to get my answer(s) all in one place. That said...

I just bought a stock 1978 Puch Maxi N off a buddy of mine who is fairly knowledgable about upgrading and maintaining his mopeds. The 78 I have is nice, runs, and has carried me to work twice now...but in order to get what I am wanting from the bike, I will need to upgrade.

I am able to understand a lot of what was mentioned in other threads, but then I easily get lost when folks two or three posts later say "well, if you change this, then you NEED to do this or else bad things will happen." And then four posts after that someone says..."but if you changed that last thing, then it is IMPERATIVE you do this other mod, or kittens will die" etc... I don't really like cats, but I don't want to really kill them, yeah?

So, my issue is below. Here goes...

- I have a 1978 Puch Maxi N. All stock.

- I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a town with a lot of hills (I work at the University here, and when we go to it, we refer to it as being "on the Hill").

- I am a fairly big dude (~260 lbs if I lay off the bacon).

- It is a 6 mile (one way) commute to work on roads with a Speed Limit of 45 MPH (at most) and no matter how you shake it, a large hill to climb. I have about a 3 mile stretch where I have been needing to run the moped at WOT to keep up with traffic (and I am getting passed with ease...I am guessing I am now topping out at 30-33 on flat roads).

I would like to tune my Moped to get the following:

-Speeds of 40-50 mph.

-Pull hills easily with my big ass on the seat.

-Maintain decent gas mileage (I got the ped to save gas used by my SUV)

Here is what I am asking:

For those of you who have been modding mopeds for a while and are no stranger to the process, imagine I bring my moped to you as is, stock, and gave it to you to mod...what mods would you make...in what order...and what checks would you perform along the way (i.e., plug chopping, upjetting etc) while tuning it?

I am getting familiar with the parts on the moped (already took the carb apart and cleaned it, set my idle, and replaced a brake light, woo hoo, right?). I have a lot of patience, and the tutorials I have found online have been very helpful, so I think if I am told what to do, in what order, and what checks to make a long the way, along with tutorials and some cash, I should (hopefully) be getting what I want from the moped.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks in advance...


Re: 1978 Puch Maxi Performance Upgrade (Advice for a newb)

Christian Giron /


This was by far one of the best pages that got me headed in the right direction.

First thing, get an exhaust and upjet your carb, then do a plug chop to see if you're rich/lean. Probably do high flow filter. that'll get you to 35-37

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi Performance Upgrade (Advice for a newb)

Thanks, Chris.

I was actually looking at this page when I sent in my first post and these seem like logical first steps. Thanks for the reply considering I know that the veterans around here probably get tired of these same simple questions. but it is helpful to get responses to your own specific inquiry.

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi Performance Upgrade (Advice for a newb)

Christian Giron /

I think everyone hates it more when people come in with inarticulate questions and just want to be spoonfed

people are a lot nicer when they see that you're trying and are doing your own research.

just do the pipe first, get used to jetting/plug chops, and look into bigger carb and kit later. i think I got my first kit after a month or so on my exhaust.

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi Performance Upgrade (Advice for a newb)

Anthony Mangia /

This thread was very helpful, pretty much answered most of my questions. I just won a bid on eBay for a 77 Puch Maxi Luxe Friday and I'm about to go pick it up in less than 12 hours from now. But boy let me tell you, I know nothing about automotives or anything mechanical, but all the tutorials I've found on YouTube (mostly from trevers tutorials) has me feeling like a pro. And in just a couple short days. Well we'll see once I get the actual carb in my hands haha.

But I'll be posting in this thread later down the line since we're pretty much in the same predicament. My main goal is to get it two people friendly for a potential future girlfriend without losing too much speed. I'm sure I'll have to replace the shocks, but I'm more focused on speed and keeping up with traffic..

Re: 1978 Puch Maxi Performance Upgrade (Advice for a newb)

Anthony Mangia /

Oops, that's was Travis Turorials lol.

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