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I've read a few posts that suggest it's possible to replace the stock carburetor on my '78 Honda Express with a more reliable carb. I have an intake adaptor (19mm), so theoretically I can mount a new PHBG carb, such as Dellorto's. But there seem to be a lot of options for size/style depending on what kind of performance one wants. I don't need more speed, just something that's more reliable and easier to keep tuned. Basically just a replacement, as close as possible to the original. Any suggestions for which carb would be a good choice? Also, can I just replace the carburetor for now without messing with the exhaust or oil pump? Thanks!

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What problems are you having with the stock carb?Idle issues?

Re: 78 Honda Express carb substitute

Travis Koch /

Well, the bottom bowl is all cracked up--overflow stem broken off--so I need to replace that anyway. Getting it to both idle smoothly and run smoothly at high end has been a challenge. It just seems to require an inordinate amount of fiddling. Otherwise it works, but I'm just curious about alternatives. Anything gained by switching to non-stock?

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Yeah better takeoff,more speed.Iam running a cheap 20mm carb off ebay that was under $30 shipped on my 78 nc50.I had to make a short adapter to bolt it to stock intake that I dremeled out bigger to match the carb.I have a bunch of bowls if you just need a new bowl.

Re: 78 Honda Express carb substitute

Travis Koch /

Thanks Eric. I'd love to get the stock carb in working order, even if I eventually decide to go with another kind. Can you email me a price for a bowl? travkoch@gmail.com

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Do a research on older posts.

This problem has been solved way back in Sept 2011....or privately before.

'' ...As for the intake, the following intake adapter, coupled with a Mikuni Vm16 will fit without any major modifications. (a bit of shimming here and there--minor)

You can also keep your stock air filter box.

Garelli VIP polini 19mm shorty PHBG intake


A big improvement over the original carb.

I've been running this carb for about 1k miles now and haven't ran into no problem yet.

....more expensive than $30 though.

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