reed valves!

So I got some questions about reeds.

Do they really like smaller idle jets?

Is running a slightly restrictive air filter as bad as it is on a piston port?

And what do boyesen dual stage reeds exactly do in regards to jetting? Is it logical to think that they create a stronger carb signal so you'd need a smaller idle jet?

All these questions relate to an e50 with the 77 reed kit, 21phbg (45/88/w9 leanest), weakends sidebleed, points at 17°, blah blah blah blah.

Re: reed valves!


That's not really too restrictive.


Yes but they don't.

I think if anything your jetting would be fatter with reeds since there isn't a lot of that two steps forward one step back, my shoe smells like gas, air flow at low rpm like piston port. but idk.

Re: reed valves!

Probably Fred /

Ya they could take a bigger idle jet

And more restrictive filter

I Use a k&n type filter for most everything

Re: reed valves!

- Summerai - Corey Livieri /

I have the 70cc athena reed kit on my bike and actually had to go down into the high 30s for a idle jet. Otherwise, 1/8 throttle was four stroking like crazy.

Re: reed valves!

Yea 45 is definitely wayyyy to rich, I almost tried a 37 idle but I didn't wanna jump from 45 especially on a new kit. It 4 strokes so hard it almost can't even get off the clutch.

Re: reed valves!

- Summerai - Corey Livieri /

Yeah, I ran low 40s idle jet when I was breaking in the kit for a few months. Only recently did I go to a 39 I think.

Re: reed valves!

my old puch gila 24tm used a 10 idle jet and my stock flatreed uses a 50 in a 15phbg and idles at 1500 all day long. tough to say just try stuff out though it sucks to buy idle jets for 6 dollars each

you're using an AU atomizer right

i didnt change any carburetor settings when i added dual stage reeds to mb5 but i mightve missed some power due to that.

k&n filters i use whenever i can too

Re: reed valves!

Your stock flatreed is beyond awesome. I think I might need to get a Derbi, but I gotta get these Puch's squared away first.

I got an AU atomizer in there. The local moped shop Pirate Cycles is open today so I'm gonna go get a bunch of jets and shit to get this setup tuned right. At least I don't have to wait/pay for shipping.

This bike idles waaaaaaay past 1500rpms, if you couldn't tell at the rally ha. And it 4 strokes everywhere. I'll post back with results later today. Thanks for the input though guys, maybe one day you guys will see this setup at cherry valley....

Re: reed valves!

my heart has valves.

Re: reed valves!

And I bet they are crusty...

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