Hobbit CDI

Has anyone ever used this.?



What curves have you made.

I figure.........

1 for hills/quick take-off

2 for hi-rpm blasts-----like downhill and flats.

If rip to like 45---i could switch from 1-2 OR

Have 2 a retarded gas saving setting?? 1 to blast - off.

I'm gonna do this tonite, bolt it up and make a curve.


I'm looking for some recommended timing degrees@certain RPM's.

-Polini Cast iron 70cc----mild porting-case is matched to ports-exh.transfer

-Green Crank--new bearings and seals

-Keihn carb with 92----21 malossi n intake is ready on bench after break-in.

-TJT with dr. pulley slider weights 3.5 grams

-little sanded head----70 hi-comp when it comes back from machining.

-.4 carbon fiber reeds

-gonna use the bu8h plugs the center electrode ones...

I figure graham and Wayne could help out here....

I figure

Re: Hobbit CDI

I'm just wondering if the factory curves are ok to start with....

....don't feel like programming yet.

Anybody rock this thing......? saw 2 reviews...

This thing has been on a shelf for 2 years..i'm finally whipping it out.

Re: Hobbit CDI

It's on.

moves quick.

I have the regular cdi on now.It came with 2. 1 factory curve, one programmable.

I was wondering what curves are on the programmable box now.

I can plug it into the software and it will show me......

****2 hrs. later*****

Arrggghhh..software trouble now...compatibility issues.

I'm using Tunebox V4.08 now. on disc.

Trying to make it work in XP compatability mode now.

Had it up and working, just trying to 'get', import the 2 curve box settings to view them.


Otherwise the CDI works great and install was pretty much bolt and go.

Just had to cut and solder wires to put thru case hole for factory wires.

Have it without kill untill tomorrow, just have to hook factory kill to red wire and blk/wht.

Pulling plug to kill right now.

It has a lighting coil also.

Using that.

Wheelie machine.

Re: Hobbit CDI

I peeped @ your thread a few times already. Keep updating it even though nobody is helping you. Its just that it isn't really an entry level mod because of the cost I suppose. You could run a sick head because you can tune the cdi, ughh

Re: Hobbit CDI

I'm just wondering what advance at what rpm as I add the head and the 21mm.

Get some screen shots of program soon.

Just draw a curve, that's it.

This bike is for the Cherry Valley races.

I might go back to the polini 18grams in the variator.I'll see.

This is the software instructions..interactive... http://www.hpi.be/tunebox/index.htm (edited)

Re: Hobbit CDI

Whats up JD. I've been looking for some info on the hpi programing, and I found your thread. Strangely enough the reason I went with this kit is the ability to fire the gapless plugs. That really got my attention when I saw you are pursuing the same ideas in a very similar build. I have a corsa/af18/24mm flat slide combo that is waiting on the Ign.

I hope you don't mind my asking... I can not get the tune box software to save any projects/curves either on the hard drive or in the cdi. (xp pro sp3) It's insanity trying to get Tech support from Belgium so I have been stalled fr three days. Am I missing something in the process? I have the single curve model so I have NO programing in it to test. I tried assigning it to a low port instead of usb, and I actually got a response light from the interface but still no saves or uploads. Any ideas why?

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